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Month: July 2017

The Search Engines of 2017

Contrary to what most people assume, there actually are other search engines apart from Google!

Most people look for the following in a search engine:

  • Results that are relevant to their search queries.
  • An interface that’s clear and easy to scan.
  • Advanced options to customise search criteria.

Out of all these features, relevant results is by far the most important. It’s the foundation of a successful search engine. And something that Google has championed over the years. They emphasise quality over anything else. As a result, their search engine algorithm is more advanced and accurate than any other on the market.

Let’s start this list off with the reigning champion of search engines, Google!


Google is the undisputed king of search engines. It is by far the single most used search engine in the world with one of the most recognisable and iconic logo’s on the internet. Their fast and super relevant algorithm has helped them become one of the most valuable internet companies in the world.

The accuracy and relevancy of results trumps their competitors and provides users with the best search engine experience.

Google have also heavily invested in their local SEO search processes which have really helped local businesses get found by prospects looking for their services. You can find a useful guide on local SEO here to learn more.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go has an interface that is startlingly similar to Google. It’s the subtleties that make the difference with this search engine.

Some powerful features such as the “zero click” which produces all the answers to your questions on the first page. Other interesting features help clarify the question you’re really asking to ultimately produce the most accurate results.

A clean, simple and straightforward search engine that’s definitely worth a shot.


The Bing search engine is Microsoft’s attempt to win over Google’s search engine users. It’s the second most popular search engine. A decent attempt but one thing that we quickly identified was the lack of quality in the results it produced. Bing’s algorithm is clearly not as sophisticated as Googles, employing many of the old ranking techniques that were used by Google years ago.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be investing a lot of money into the Bing search engine. Maybe they’ve accepted defeat at the hands of the Google Titans. That said, they still offer a decent search engine and hold a significant chunk of the search market at around 20%.


In the past, Dogpile enjoyed a reputation for being one of the fastest and most efficient search engines on the internet. This drastically changed in the late 90’s when Google took over.

Over the years Dogpile has been slowly making a comeback. With an index that’s always growing as well as a clean presentation, Dogpile offers a pleasant search experience for their users.


Yippy is a search engine that piggybacks the power of other search engines to deliver you the most accurate possible results. The Yippy search engine specialises in finding deep web pages that most other spiders are unable to reach.

This is the place to find the content you can’t see on Google or Bing.

Yahoo Search

The Yahoo search engine uses the Bing algorithm to search and display relevant results for users. Yahoo’s search interface has been designed with beginners in mind. Perfect for people who don’t use the internet that much and aren’t the technical sort.

Yahoo delivers similar results to Bing which isn’t surprising considering they both use the same algorithm.