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Author: wpadmin

The Search Engines of 2017

Contrary to what most people assume, there actually are other search engines apart from Google!

Most people look for the following in a search engine:

  • Results that are relevant to their search queries.
  • An interface that’s clear and easy to scan.
  • Advanced options to customise search criteria.

Out of all these features, relevant results is by far the most important. It’s the foundation of a successful search engine. And something that Google has championed over the years. They emphasise quality over anything else. As a result, their search engine algorithm is more advanced and accurate than any other on the market.

Let’s start this list off with the reigning champion of search engines, Google!


Google is the undisputed king of search engines. It is by far the single most used search engine in the world with one of the most recognisable and iconic logo’s on the internet. Their fast and super relevant algorithm has helped them become one of the most valuable internet companies in the world.

The accuracy and relevancy of results trumps their competitors and provides users with the best search engine experience.

Google have also heavily invested in their local SEO search processes which have really helped local businesses get found by prospects looking for their services. You can find a useful guide on local SEO here to learn more.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go has an interface that is startlingly similar to Google. It’s the subtleties that make the difference with this search engine.

Some powerful features such as the “zero click” which produces all the answers to your questions on the first page. Other interesting features help clarify the question you’re really asking to ultimately produce the most accurate results.

A clean, simple and straightforward search engine that’s definitely worth a shot.


The Bing search engine is Microsoft’s attempt to win over Google’s search engine users. It’s the second most popular search engine. A decent attempt but one thing that we quickly identified was the lack of quality in the results it produced. Bing’s algorithm is clearly not as sophisticated as Googles, employing many of the old ranking techniques that were used by Google years ago.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be investing a lot of money into the Bing search engine. Maybe they’ve accepted defeat at the hands of the Google Titans. That said, they still offer a decent search engine and hold a significant chunk of the search market at around 20%.


In the past, Dogpile enjoyed a reputation for being one of the fastest and most efficient search engines on the internet. This drastically changed in the late 90’s when Google took over.

Over the years Dogpile has been slowly making a comeback. With an index that’s always growing as well as a clean presentation, Dogpile offers a pleasant search experience for their users.


Yippy is a search engine that piggybacks the power of other search engines to deliver you the most accurate possible results. The Yippy search engine specialises in finding deep web pages that most other spiders are unable to reach.

This is the place to find the content you can’t see on Google or Bing.

Yahoo Search

The Yahoo search engine uses the Bing algorithm to search and display relevant results for users. Yahoo’s search interface has been designed with beginners in mind. Perfect for people who don’t use the internet that much and aren’t the technical sort.

Yahoo delivers similar results to Bing which isn’t surprising considering they both use the same algorithm.


Two Ways To Successfully Market Your Online Business

So you’ve created your dream business online and you’ve done everything to perfect your products and services. What’s the next step?

Putting your business in front of the prospects.

Before we jump into the two effective ways to start marketing your online business, let’s talk about how the internet has exploded our opportunities for business.

The business models that run most internet companies didn’t even exist just twenty years ago. They’re now the foundations for thousands of million dollar businesses. There are dozens of online business ideas that are based on business models that are entirely new.

Creating wealth in your life is now entirely possible and within reach of anyone who has basic internet amenities and computer equipment.

This is what makes online business so wonderful. It has such a low barrier of entry and you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get started.

The Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

The digital world has changed, and it continues to change every day. The marketing tactics that worked wonders in the past are probably not going to do you any good these days.

Business models such as affiliate marketing and network marketing have transformed the way we do business forever. Thousands of MLM companies have launched over the last decade or so and many of them have become wildly successful in this time, although if you’re looking at getting into network marketing, there are a few things you need to watch out for.

Even if you’re using some of the same strategies that were the rave a few years ago, there’s going to be new best practices. Also, there are more online businesses than ever before and competition is high, but don’t let that discourage you.

Picking two or three channels of marketing and mastering those strategies will put you light years ahead of the competition because of the concentrated quality you’ll be putting forward. That is why I have chosen two marketing methods that go hand in hand, that’ll really help your business take off.

This is going to be the two most straightforward and effective strategies to market an online business to start seeing the initial growth you need.

So, let’s get started!

Now, we all know that the best way to have a successful online business is to rank high in search engines.

It provides free, and consistent traffic to your website every single month and it’s targeted by specific keywords that are congruent to your company’s products or services.

I urge you to consistently work on your SEO through guest posting, blogging, contributing to forums, and optimizing your website.

This is the most powerful way to grow your online business but in this post, I’m going to be specifically discussing the two ways to successfully market your online business. These two methods that will help you gain the traffic you need initially while you work towards your long-term SEO goals. (Which you should constantly be working on!)


Pay-per-click is a definite must when testing your marketing and advertising your company.

The benefits of PPC is quick optimization by split testing and receiving substantial data in just a few days. This enables you to quickly test new products or services to see how your industry prospects will respond. It also allows you to acquire substantial high-ranking traffic without any SEO, or algorithms getting in the way.

The first step in successful Adwords campaigns is organization. Keeping your Adwords account organized is crucial for successful online advertising.


You’ll want to have one or two campaigns based on the different types of advertising going on. (If you’re marketing to one niche, then one campaign is fine.)

Ad Groups

Under each campaign, you will create relevant ad groups, this will be based on the kinds of keywords that are assigned to the particular ad group. You’ll want to avoid creating more that 10 or 20 so it doesn’t get messy.


The keywords will fall under each ad group. These are the keywords people will be typing into the search engine to see your ads. So, make sure your keywords are extremely relevant to the ad groups.

If you’re completely new to online advertising and you have no idea where to begin, I have some amazing news for you.

There are online freelancers who are experts in Adwords that you can hire to create your whole entire setup in just a few days. All you need to do is inform the freelancer about the industry you’re in, the people you’re trying to attract, and the products you sell.

They probably have worked in your industry before and created success for multiple other companies in your niche, so you can feel confident in their work. This will give you the peace of mind that you have campaigns running that represent your company the way it should.

Email Marketing

The second marketing tactic that goes hand in hand with PPC is email marketing. PPC will put people in front of your offer, they click the ad if they’re interested, then sign up on your landing page. The reason you want to bring them to a landing page with a free offer and not a sales page is because you want to give your prospects time to go through your buying cycle. There is a specific time needed in every business for someone to be ready to invest, and email marketing is an automated tool that swiftly guides your prospects through your sales funnel until they’re ready to buy.

Email marketing is a powerful way to build relationships and stay connected to the people interested in your business.

The first step in email marketing is having an easy-to-use database that sends automated emails, keeps track of names and emails, and provides data. A great option is Aweber. Aweber is user-friendly and has great support when you have any questions at all about your email marketing.

After you setup your database, you need to create content and decide how frequent

Five Ways To Target Your Audience Effectively With Advertising

The marketers of today are facing more challenges than ever before. Not only do they have to come up with compelling ideas and campaigns that stand out, they have to compete with competition from all over the place.

This isn’t even factoring in that consumers are increasingly becoming blind to ads as they’re bombarded with messages every single day.

If brands are looking for ways to really connect with customers, they need to find unique ways of doing it.

Audience targeting is hyper-important today. If you aren’t targeting a specific type of person, you’re throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Here are five simple steps you can follow to target your audience successfully. The most important thing here is to combine the right message with the right target audience.

Advanced Tracking

Advanced tracking features like the Facebook pixel allow you to gather a high amount of detailed data about your audience. Pixels are essentially lines of code that enable websites to track and pass anonymous information about your visitors to you.

This provides a better understand of customer behaviors and enables you to optimize your campaigns for a better return on investment.

Find Out Who’s Clicking & Converting

Installing advanced tracking features enables you to differentiate between the people who click and the people who convert. The insights you gather from your tracking might paint a completely different picture to what you assumed about your target audience.

This is why data is so powerful. It enables you to see the cold, hard, facts about your marketing.

For example, your tracking system might reveal to you that your actual target audience is completely different to the type of people you’re actually trying to target. This type of mismatch is a recipe for terrible conversions.

Personalised Messages

When it comes to online marketing. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all campaign. Different people respond to different types of messaging. You need to be sending messages that resonate with your subscribers. This will help you to increase your sales.

The data you extract for your visitor activity can be utilized to customize your messaging for further engagement down the road.

Lookalike Modeling

If you’re a big brand company looking for increase the size of your audience. Lookalike modeling is a fantastic feature that is offered on many advanced tracking systems.

Lookalike modeling enables you to expand your reach by finding people similar to the ones who have subscribed and converted in any of your previous campaigns. By targeting people similar to your target audience, you’re much more likely to attract better prospects for your business.


Good old retargeting. Proven many times to explode your results and provide a fantastic return on investment.

Retargeting enables you to target people that have previously visited your website. You know those ads that follow you around? That’s retargeting!

Retargeting can be configured around previous interactions with your business. This can be things like product searches, ad clicks, and shopping basket addition.


How LinkedIN Markets On Their Own Website

LinkedIN is the go to place for job seekers and head-hunters in 2017. It has transformed into an extremely valuable tool that can be used to find a job, get new clients for a business and even advertise professional services through their PPC ads system.

It is the world number one social network for lead generation. No other social media platform is home to more professionals by demographics.

Who’s better suited to advise on how to best use LinkedIN as a marketing tool than the very people themselves.

The business solutions team at LinkedIN put together an infographic on how the internals teams within LinkedIN market on their own platform.

Insights don’t get much more valuable than this.

The information in the infographic specifically covers three tools that marketers use and reveals how linkedIN has benefited from each one.

Sponsored Posts – LinkedIN have A/B tested two pieces of sponsored content examples. One that contained statistics and one that did not. The post with at least one statistic had a 37% higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and received 162% more impressions compared to the one that didn’t have any stats.

Personalising InMail – LinkedIN sent personalised messages to people to increase awareness around about blog. They received 1240 blog subscriptions.

Audience Engagement – When linkedIN addressed their audience directly as opposed to indirectly, they achieved an engagement rate that was 185% higher compared to when they didn’t address their audience directly.

Keep It Short & Sweet – Posts with fewer characters saw an 18% boost in rate of engagement.

Rich Media – They saw a 38% higher CTR on rich media images compared to a standard linkshare update with a thumbnail.




How Much Do Instagram Influencers Charge Per Sponsored Post?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks, with people all over the world downloading this app and sharing pictures with the world, many people have found ways to generate a significant income from their following. Some have even managed to build wildly profitable businesses through Instagram alone.

Moving things onto the big players of Instagram, the influencers.

What are “influencers”?

The most basic way of explaining it is that influencers are people who have gained a huge following/subscriber base. This could be the case on any social media platform or in any type of business setup. Influencers are recognised for doing something, and doing something really well, otherwise they wouldn’t be influencers!

Instagram influencers are charging $271 on average per sponsored post. This is according to recent research that was completed by

The report was created based on information from a survey of over 500 influencers on Instagram. Most of the people surveyed are based in the United States and focus on lifestyle topics like fitness, modelling and pets.

The research found that the average cost for a sponsored post varies significantly based on the industry.

It was found that modelling influencer charge on average the most ($434) per sponsored post. Music influencers charge the least amount of money on average ($201) less than half of what models normally charge!

The cost per post on Instagram is directly related to the number of followers a particular influencer has. The more followers, the more they charge per post!

Influencers that have 100k+ followers usually charge over $700 per post. People with less than 1k followers charge around $83 on average.

Men charge more than women influencers. On average, guys charge around $358 compared with just $218 for girls.

This is interesting to note because these influencers had roughly the same audience sizes.



The Science Behind Amazing Product Packaging

If you’ve ever ordered something from Amazon before, you would’ve received an email from them asking you to rate your shipping package.

Amazon is a company that takes their packaging seriously and they should! Packaging not only keeps the product safe and secure but it’s also the first impression your customers get about your product.

By having awesome packaging, you’re getting off to the best start in terms of product quality and brand reputation.

Getting packaging wrong can actually cost you sales in your business.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time were there have been many innovations when it comes to product packaging, as an infographic by Direct Packaging Solutions explains.

Some of the innovations include retail packaging that allows consumers to feel inside the box, the use of super lightweight materials and packaging that can even be safely baked or microwaved.

This infographic goes into great detail on the different materials packaging is made out of, why packaging is so important as well as how to “hack” your packaging to make if more effective.

Check it out:

What we found interesting about this highly informative infographic was the neuroscience behind product packaging. The way we perceive the product and way it makes us feels has a huge bearing on whether we like the product or not. Packaging innovations such as allowing the consumer to touch the product has introduced a new sensory experience that allows us to experience more of the product before buying it.

The hacks of effective packaging section demonstrates that packaging isn’t as simple as most people assume. There is so much science and data that drives the design and strategy for companies that produce packaging. Not only does the packaging need to meet the demands of the product, legislation and environment. It must also cater to the requirements of the consumer, retailer and marketer!

There is so much more to packaging than brown boxes!…