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How Much Do Instagram Influencers Charge Per Sponsored Post?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks, with people all over the world downloading this app and sharing pictures with the world, many people have found ways to generate a significant income from their following. Some have even managed to build wildly profitable businesses through Instagram alone.

Moving things onto the big players of Instagram, the influencers.

What are “influencers”?

The most basic way of explaining it is that influencers are people who have gained a huge following/subscriber base. This could be the case on any social media platform or in any type of business setup. Influencers are recognised for doing something, and doing something really well, otherwise they wouldn’t be influencers!

Instagram influencers are charging $271 on average per sponsored post. This is according to recent research that was completed by

The report was created based on information from a survey of over 500 influencers on Instagram. Most of the people surveyed are based in the United States and focus on lifestyle topics like fitness, modelling and pets.

The research found that the average cost for a sponsored post varies significantly based on the industry.

It was found that modelling influencer charge on average the most ($434) per sponsored post. Music influencers charge the least amount of money on average ($201) less than half of what models normally charge!

The cost per post on Instagram is directly related to the number of followers a particular influencer has. The more followers, the more they charge per post!

Influencers that have 100k+ followers usually charge over $700 per post. People with less than 1k followers charge around $83 on average.

Men charge more than women influencers. On average, guys charge around $358 compared with just $218 for girls.

This is interesting to note because these influencers had roughly the same audience sizes.



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